Remington Epilator EP7030 for Wet/Dry Application

remington epilator 10When selecting epilator, you will found plenty of options available in the market these days. Choosing a perfect epilator might be a problem since each product has their particular specialties. If you are looking for epilator that gives reliable performance, you can opt for epilator manufactured by Remington. The EP7030 series is packed with features that emphasize your convenience and result at the end. This model is also designed for wet/dry application. You can use the epilator either inside or outside the shower. It has compact design that supports its portability aspect. You can bring it anywhere in your travel bag.

As face and body epilator, this product is equipped with up to 40 tweezers. Those tweezers allows you to get smooth skin for more than 6 weeks. The Remington epilator as at epilatorpros series EP7030 incorporates unique design. The head of this particular epilator has perfect angle cap. This head design allows it to give optimal angle for tweezing. The head itself is also flexible. Therefore, it is able to follow the contour of your face. Moreover, it can access difficult facial area that cannot be accessed by other epilator products. The head is also equipped with detail light that allows you to get better visibility on fine hairs.

In addition, the dimension of this product is 3 by 4 inches with height of 8 inch. In order to supply power for the tweezers, it is using one lithium ion battery. Along with its sophisticated head feature, the body also has interesting design. The handle provides maximum grip so that it does not accidently slip away when you hold it for wet tweezing. On the handle, you will be able to find adjustment for the speed. It is available in two different levels that you can choose according to your hair condition.