Trail Camera Reviews – Stealth Cam & Moultrie

trail camera reviews 04Before purchasing one trail camera for your gaming activities, there is nothing wrong about getting yourselves reviews about the various products that somehow seem to be quite confusing. Some factors such as needed specifications and budget are worth considering to help you narrow down the options. Stealth Cam G30 IR Trail Camera is one good option to meet your expectation, either for the price or quality. The camera is featured with 8MP with 3 resolutions and able to take 5-to-180-second-videos with HD quality. You are capable of taking shots manually with this camera as it got the Manual Shot feature and also Secure Lock to guarantee your camera’s security protection. An SD Card slot is also available for up to 32GB data. Most of its users find the camera quite dependable for its high-quality pictures and fast trigger speed.

Moultrie A5 comes to complete the market with its affordable price. Yet, the quality is pretty competitive as mentioned on instructive trail camera reviews, which makes this camera one of the best sellers every year. Moultrie A5 is easily used and set up, though there is one minus point you might want to reconsider. This camera does not perfectly produce high-quality images, even sometimes users find it quite blurrier. So far, you got at least two options that could be included to your list, surely with different target markets. Either you seek for the low price, or the high-specs camera, you should be undergoing some reviewing process.

To complete the list with another nice trail camera, Moultrie D-555i Wide Angle Game Camera takes its pathways with the obvious wide angle view. Though it is quite outdated, compared to many new ones, this Moultrie which is featured with an 8MP-camera is still worth purchasing. Being able to take high-quality pictures and videos, this feature becomes one major feature that Moultrie would like to emphasize one, aside of the unsatisfying recovery time