What You Need to Know about Heat Pump VS Furnace

heat pump 09There are several types of home heating method that you need to know. This is important because you need to select the appropriate type of the heating system to find it maximally works and gives advantages to you. Two of the most popular heating methods are heat pump and furnace. You need to find out which one of them that is suitable for you. At least, you should see the pros and cons of each heating method.

Many homeowners living in Northern California talk about heat pump vs furnace see more at heatpumpcritique. First, let’s talk about heat pumps. They are unique devices that can give you double functions in warming up or cooling down the air temperature. They have special system because they don’t produce heat. They only transfer heat or remove it from one place to other place. During the winter months, they transfer heat from outside to your home, while during the summer months they remove the heat from your home to the outside. This is one of the pros. In addition, they are more eco-friendly than furnace. On the other hand, they are more expensive than furnace. They also require you to have a backup heat source.

Furnace is very popular in Northern California. Gas furnaces provide warmer atmosphere by producing heat. They use natural gas as the source of the heat. The heat is then transferred to the air inside your home and spread through your home. The pros of furnaces are that they are more affordable than heat pumps. In addition, they are also very energy efficient because they can convert 97% gas into heat. On the other hand, although they are very efficiently use gas, they are not as efficient as heat pumps that do not use any gas. However, when compared to electrical heating system, they cost less and can save you money.